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FDA on e-cigarettes: Proposed rules to tackle unregulated product

New rules from the FDA on e-cigarettes are ahead
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid

There are changes ahead via the FDA on e-cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular in the United States, but now there is an effort to put some regulation in to place on the previously unregulated product.

According to USA Today, new rules from the FDA on e-cigarettes are likely coming in to place soon. The restrictions would include warning labels, federal approval and a ban of electronic cigarette sales to minors. At this time there is no FDA regulation at all on these e-cigarettes.

Use of electronic cigarettes has been escalating while the jury is still out regarding their safety. Many traditional smokers turn to e-cigarettes hoping they are less dangerous than traditional cigarettes, but not all medical professionals agree that is the case. Many states are implementing restrictions on e-cigarettes as more signs point to the dangers within the electronic cigarettes.

Some feel that the proposed rules from FDA on e-cigarettes don't go far enough, and others are frustrated that they have taken so long. Those on the manufacturing side, of course, don't feel that the product should be as restricted as traditional cigarettes. So far that seems to be the approach the FDA is taking, but there may be more in store.

Will the stance taken by the FDA on e-cigarettes make an impact on usage? Many will be curious to keep an eye on the implementation of the new rules to see what happens.

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