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FDA issues recall of contaminated ink sold online

The FDA has issued a recall of certain inks that were sold online. These ink kits were sold for individual use and possibly by tattoo parlors. White and Blue Lion Inc, issued a recall of their inks due to a possible bacterial infection. The products may come with no branding or with a dragon logo. The infection was found when the FDA tested unopened bottles of the ink and found the bacterium.

Tattoo kits sold by White and Blue Lion, Inc. may have a bacterial infection.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

If used the ink can cause redness, itching, blemishes, and pain to the infected area. The infection can be difficult to treat and my not be noticeable for years. Along with the skin irritation the bacteria could potentially enter the bloodstream causing sepsis. Sepsis is a severe blood disease which can cause organ failure and possibly death if not treated in time.

The home tattoo kits were sold via Amazon and other online retailers. Customers are urged to not use any of the needles or inks sold by White and Blue Lion and to return them if at all possible. The FDA has advised that consumers do not purchase and ink that does not have a clearly labeled brand name. The public is also being advised to not attempt to give or receive a tattoo from someone at home, and instead go to a professional parlor that practices clean and safe habits in their parlor such as using individually packaged disposable needles, as unsanitary conditions also run the risk of hepatitis or staph infections. Even taking there precautions, the FDA advises that the bacteria is very resistant even in sterile conditions, so do not be afraid to ask the artist if they have inspected their ink and equipment to make sure they are not contaminated.

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