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FDA cracks down on added sugar in honey

Does honey need more sugar?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on the labeling of honey which has been sweetened with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

The new draft, titled "Guidance for Industry: Proper Labeling of Honey and Honey Products.” is meant to ensure that honey manufacturers are properly labeling honey that has been artificially sweetened with various types of added sugars.

The act is designed to help consumers understand that when "honey" is included as part of a food, or simply by itself that the product is pure, and not adulterated by sweeteners that turn the once pure product into more of a blended food.

Proper and truthful food labeling is becoming even more important as obesity rates climb in the United States and around the world, widely believed to be caused by increased amounts of sugar added to most every food available to us as consumers.

With proper labeling of both pure honey and blended honey, consumers will be offered a choice of which product they want to purchase and consume. Since honey is regarded as being more healthy than cane sugar type sweeteners this new labeling will be important for health conscious individuals who are looking to cut down on the amount of white sugar they consume on a daily basis.

While honey may be a better alternative to traditional types of sugary sweeteners, it still should be limited as much as possible to avoid health complications and obesity.

The FDA has given honey manufacturers 60 days to comment on the new proposal for honey labeling after which the new guidelines will be issued.

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