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FDA crackdown on e-cigarettes: Purposed tedious regulations with plenty of hoops

FDA targets the e-cigarettes with proposed rules, regulations and testing required for some of the claims made by the e-cigarette companies with products on the market. The FDA purposed rules for “strict regulations” of the electronic cigarettes, along with other tobacco and nicotine products, according to USA Today on April 24.

FDA to crack down on e-cigarettes, treating them much like cigarettes in sales and regulations.
Photo by Joe Raedle

As the e-cigarettes soar in popularity today new brand names and flavored products seem to pop up daily. The amounts of nicotine or any of the ingredients in the e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA, but that is about to change. The strict new proposed regulations are going to take some work on the part of the folks who manufacture the e-cigarettes.

According to News, warnings that the product is addictive is one of the proposed changes. They also want to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors with the legal age being 18 to purchase these products. Individual states can raise this age.

Many of the electronic cigarette companies make claims that this product is safer than smoking and it is also marketed as a way to quit smoking. These claims will now need to come with scientific evidence to back them up before any risk reduction can be advertised. The e-cigarette companies cannot advertise their products as safe for your health.

The FDA wants to approve all ingredients in the product before it hits the market. The e-cigarettes on the market today need to provide this list of ingredients to the FDA and if changes need to be made, they will have 24 months to do so. It is a lengthy process they are proposing for the companies.

The FDA is looking to ban free samples of the products, along with tobacco products. E-cigarettes will not be allowed to advertise claims that this is better for your health than tobacco products, which is another bit of information in the proposed regulations.

The e-cigarettes heat up and the nicotine is in water vapor, which is what the user inhales. The FDA considers these proposed regulations a plus for the consumers who buy and use the e-cigarettes. They will be getting consistency in the products under these new proposed rules. Right now there is no governing body over the e-cigarettes to make sure the consumer is getting a safe amount of nicotine and not too much.

The U.S. Poison Control Centers have reported a surge in illnesses linked to the nicotine vapor from the e-cigarettes. This has caused a number of states to ban the public use of e-cigarettes. They are grouping the product in with cigarettes when it comes to the places that they can and cannot be used.

The e-cigarettes have not gone through a thorough government study so consumers do not know how much nicotine they are actually ingesting or what the other chemicals are in the liquid used for these products. They do not know if the e-cigarettes are safe or beneficial, according to the FDA. While the e-cigarette market has enjoyed a somewhat regulation-free existence, this is about to change drastically.

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