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FDA approves prostate cancer vaccine

Provenge is a three step procedure
Provenge is a three step procedure

The name of this newly released vaccine is called Provenge and used exclusively for men with advanced prostate cancer. Using the word vaccine is really a misnomer because this treatment does not prevent the disease as your garden-variety vaccine does. Although it is simple to understand the basics of Provenge and how it works, a complex process is highly individualized. Each dose of provenge is manufactured for the specific user; it is custom-made so that your body will not reject its properties.

Here is how it works. Using a patients own cells, Provenge is trained to recognize and kill malignant cells. While the human body has its own ability to recognize foreign matter such as bacteria and viruses, cancer cells are very sneaky and hide from all of our human defenses’; that is until now.

While many questions remain about the overall effectiveness, doctors are very optimistic. Dr. James A. Reeves of the Florida Cancer Specialist and Research Institute group says that ‘We are in a very exciting time and our expectations for greater treatments are not as far away as they once seemed…”

While this treatment is not available to everyone, there is hope that perhaps one day we will have a vaccine that will kill all cancerous cells, not just those with prostate cancer but it is a great start.

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