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FCC permits reassignment of broadcast license for WTKD-AM (formerly WABB-AM)

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According to the official World Wide Web site for the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC), permission was granted for Betsy Dittman, the manager of WTKD-AM (1480), and her mother Judith Dittman, the president of WTKD-AM, to voluntarily transfer their broadcast license for WTKD-AM to the Eternity Record Company of Laurel, Mississippi this past Tuesday, May 27th.

You may access a copy of the application used in their request along with a copy of an authorization form related to the application through the following links:

(note: according to the authorization form, WTKD-AM had been off the air since August 19th, 2013 (a Monday), and would need to start broadcasting again by August 20th, 2014 (a Wednesday), in order for its broadcast license to remain valid).

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