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FCC approves cellular ready Microsoft Surface 2 RT tablet with 4G LTE

Based on comments made last fall by corporate vice president for Surface Computing at Microsoft Panos Panay, and FCC filings made public on Wednesday, the speculation has started that the Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE should be ready for use on the AT&T cellular network very soon.

Microsoft Surface 2 tablet going mobile with 4G LTE
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In making their remarks, "Surface 2 tablet with AT&T-ready LTE passes through the FCC," Engadget points to comments made by Panos Panay at a Microsoft Store event in Seattle that a Surface 2 with LTE was coming to AT&T early this year.

Neowin reports that documents made public on Wednesday by the FCC show a device that appears to be the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet running Windows RT with WWAN technology has now passed through the FCC approval process.

The FCC documents referenced in the reports lack the specifics to positively identify the technology suspect as a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, and none of the news agencies have been able to get a comment from Microsoft confirming the details.

Microsoft Surface 2 going mobile with 4G LTE

The upgrade to 4G LTE should be a big boost to the Microsoft Surface 2 sales. Currently the Surface only supports WLAN (wireless local area network) which uses a wireless access point at your home or office with a Wi-Fi connection.

WWAN (wireless wide area network) differs from WLAN (wireless local area network) by using mobile telecommunication cellular network technologies such as LTE, commonly marketed as 4G LTE by cellular carriers.

Another thing to watch is whether a new 4G LTE model of the Surface 2 tablet be tied to any other sales promotions.


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