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FBI seizes artifacts from 91-year-old Indiana man

91-year-old man is target of FBI seizure

FBI agents seized thousands of cultural artifacts gathered from around the world in the possession of a 91-year-old Indiana man. According to an April 3 report on Fox News, Donald Miller from Waldorn, Ind., is a retired teacher who travelled extensively around the world, gathering artifacts in 200 countries. He claims to have rightful ownership of the items, but the FBI intends to determine which items may have been collected improperly or before current laws were enacted.

You can read more about the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 here.

The FBI has not released whatever information they had that led them to employ their Art Crime unit on Wednesday, but they have indicated that the cataloguing of the items will take longer than “weeks or months.”

USA TODAY lists some of the countries represented in the collection as: China, Russia, Peru, Haiti, Australia and New Guinea. Miller is reportedly also in possession of a great deal of American Indian artifacts, which are highly protected by federal law. The town of Waldorn is actually located on land that formerly belonged to the Iroquois Indians.

Tents have been constructed on the property, and experts have been called in to begin a determination of which artifacts should be repatriated.

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