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FBI plane: Suspicious act done by pilot, FBI now on missing plane probe

Malaysia has requested the help of the FBI in the missing plane investigation after Malaysian authorities discovered specific information was deleted from a flight simulator that one of the pilots of flight MH370 had. Malaysian Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, has requested help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in recovering data as the investigation continues into missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Zee News reports March 19.

Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah is the pilot in question. He was one of the pilots flying the lost plane that disappeared on March 8. Investigators have learned that his home flight simulator had information deleted on Feb. 3, 2014.

Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar released this information:

"All game logs on the Boeing-777 simulator built by the pilot of the Malaysian Airline MH370, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, were deleted on February 3 this year, over a month before the plane went missing."

A number of experts have been called in to analyze the deleted information. The FBI will join them on the missing plane probe that has been going on almost two full weeks.

"Our forensic experts, including those from cybersecurity, Malaysia Airlines and foreign experts are working to restore the erased data logs in the flight simulator," Bakar said.

Will the FBI in this missing plane probe find something the rest of the investigators haven't yet? Relatives of the 239 people on-board flight MH370 are desperate for answers.

Update: 3/20/14

President Barack Obama said "we have put every resource that we have available at the disposal of the search process".

There has been "close cooperation" with the Malaysian government, and "anybody who typically deals with anything related to our aviation system is available".

White House spokesman, Jay Carney, said Malaysia is collaborating with US aviation and transport accident investigation agencies.

"We are finding that the level of co-operation with the Malaysian government is solid, and we are working closely with the Malaysians as well as our other international partners in this effort to find out what happened to the plane and why it happened," Carney said.

In addition to the FBI and the plane investigation, some debris in the Indian Ocean has been detected. Is this the clue everyone has been waiting for in the missing flight?

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