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FBI makes arrests in phoney driver's license ring

California Driver's license
California Driver's license

Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, issued a statement that a DMV employee in the State of California, had been indicted on charges of using illegal driver’s licenses. According to the FBI, for at least three years between 2009 and 2012, using corrupt DMV employees, at El Cajo driver’s exam point, multiple driver’s licenses were issued for people who had either failed the driver’s exam or the employee would just issue a new legal license for the right amount of money.

According to the FBI, a driving school owner promised licenses to clients even if they had failed their test for a generous fee due to his connections with the DMV. Kuvan Piomari, who owned the U.S. Driving School in El Cajon then paid Jeffrey Bednarek, a DMV examiner who conducted driving tests; and three other DMV employees and they took part in the long-running bribery conspiracy that produced hundreds of ill-gotten licenses.

Those willing to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,500 to the drivers examiner or to the employee of the driving school, then they could get a license with no questions asked. The driving school catered mostly to Middle Eastern immigrants, and then word of easy licenses in that community spread north to Los Angeles and beyond.

The FBI went on to say “In exchange for bribes, Bednarek falsely entered passing scores for written and behind-the-wheel tests for applicants seeking regular and commercial driver’s licenses. He enlisted other DMV employees to falsify records as well. Bednarek produced more than 100 fraudulent driver’s permits, for which applicants paid a total of more than $50,000.”

The FBI report tells of how corrupt DMV employees would issue multiple bogus licenses a day, George said. “They would leave work with $500 in cash in their pocket. That could be one day a week or two. They were doing very w


One problem for those

on the take was when a new manager arrived at the El Cajon DMV office. The new manager realized quickly that something wasn’t right. This manager alerted the DMV investigative department who in turn called the FBI.

The FBI then used undercover operatives and court-authorized surveillance and wiretaps, investigators quickly uncovered. The FBI arrested 30 defendants who have been charged with conspiracy to commit bribery and identification document fraud, and all have pled guilty.

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