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FBI investigates serious human trafficking charges against Church of Scientology

Former Scientologists have been alleging that the controversial Church of Scientology was involved in human trafficking. The FBI has been investigating the disturbing accusations and new court documents revealed even more of the shocking details about that investigation.

Church of Scientology
Church of Scientology
Daily Mail
Mike Rinder turns over communications with David Miscavige over human traffiking to the FBI
Daily Mail

The Church of Scientology and leader David Miscavige are being sued by the wife of a former high ranking member of the church, Marty Rathbun. His wife, Monique Rathbun is claiming in the lawsuit that the embattled church and leader have spent years targeting them with harassment as well as stalking.

On January 1, former church member Mike Rinder filed a declaration about communications he’d had in the past with David Miscavige. Part of the information in his declaration reveals how the communications ended up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Rinder wrote, “In 2010, I was contacted by the FBI concerning an investigation they were conducting into David Miscavige and the church of Scientology centered on human trafficking. At their request, I turned over everything I had concerning my communications with Miscavige.”

Read the court documents HERE.

The communications Mike Rinder turned over to the FBI included 29 pages of profanity-laden text messages to and from Miscavige that Rinder had downloaded off his Blackberry after leaving the church.

The top secret investigation was first discovered by Lawrence Wright. Wright, a journalist stated in a 2011 article for the “New Yorker” that FBI agents were actively contacting former Scientologists regarding “human trafficking” in the church.

Wright explained in his article that “Under federal law, slavery is defined, in part, by the use of coercion, torture, starvation, imprisonment, threats, and psychological abuse. The California penal code lists several indicators that someone may be a victim of human trafficking: signs of trauma or fatigue; being afraid or unable to talk because of censorship by others or security measures that prevent communications with others; working in one place without the freedom to move about; owing a debt to one’s employer; and not having control over identification documents. Those conditions echo the testimony of many former Sea Org members…”

In 2012, the federal investigation into the allegations were still ongoing however, no further details had been released.

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