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FBI got their suspect in explosives case: Social media consultant apprehended

The three-day manhunt for social media consultant Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II, of San Francisco, is now officially over. The FBI has apprehended Chamberlain as a suspect in an explosives case after explosives were found in his apartment. According to ABC News on Monday, he was actually captured "right under the Golden Gate Bridge." Chamberlain is expected to make his first appearance in court Tuesday, but the affidavit and search warrant in the case remain under seal on Monday night.

Ryan Kelly Chamberlain, II, has been apprehended by the FBI

While there were reportedly no threats made, the suspect was classified as armed and dangerous just merely by the allegations that he had the ability to make a bomb. Earlier today, a post was made to Chamberlain’s Facebook page that claimed it was posted on a delay on Hootsuite. This post described financial and personal difficulties, and there was a mention of betrayal.

Ryan Chamberlain had an extensive career in the field of social media. He worked for various entities over the years where he was charged with managing their presence on social media. He had worked for Democratic political candidates for many years. Many of the people with whom he had worked had expressed shock and disbelief at his alleged involvement in this situation. He appeared to be well-thought- of and well-liked, but there were a few comments mentioning that he might be a little emotionally unstable.

MSN reported that there were multiple crews searching Chamberlain’s San Francisco apartment. Not much information has become available about what they found, but the search required the help of hazardous materials crews, also. Russian Street, where the suspect lived, was closed off to traffic for most of the day.

As far as social media careers go, Ryan Chamberlain was probably close to the pinnacle of the field in experience and achievement. Stories like this are very difficult to explain away. Perhaps more information will be released tomorrow when the suspect goes to court.

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