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FBI attempting to recover data from MH 370's pilot's flight simulator

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The hunt for the missing Malaysian flight has taken another twist. Recent reports have indicated that MH 370’s pilot deleted some data from his at-home flight simulator. According to a March 19th report by the Christian Science Monitor, a team from the FBI has been dispatched to help authorities recover the information that was deleted from the flight simulator.

This report comes amid growing criticism of the Malaysian government. As family members of the missing passengers continue to call for answers from airline executives, the Malaysian government has faced increasing international scrutiny over its handling of the situation. Currently, there are over 20 countries searching for the missing Malaysian Airline’s flight.

The FBI employees a team of highly trained specialist in data reconstruction for just such situations. In addition to recovering deleted files, the professionals can even recover mouse clicks and internet searches. By using a wide range of tools designed to perform “deep scans” on hardware, these professionals are able to recreate a shocking amount deleted data.

While the pilots and crew have not officially been named as suspects, there is a growing public suspicion that one of these individuals may have played a role in the plane’s disappearance. Yet, there is hope that the specialist from the FBI will be able to unravel new clues from the much speculated flight simulator.