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FBI agent arrested: Pakistan police hold American on weapons charge

A FBI agent arrested in Pakistan appears in court.
A FBI agent arrested in Pakistan appears in court.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Screen shot

A FBI agent arrested in Pakistan is now being questioned after he tried to board a plane carrying bullets. That was not all that the agent was carrying though. He was also carrying three knives and several electronic devices. The Pakistan police revealed on Wednesday that they were questioning an American following the arrest of a FBI agent on Monday.On May 7, CBS News reported on the arrest.

The identity of this FBI agent has not been revealed, but he was working in the area as part of an anti-corruption task force. He had arrived in Karachi on May 1, and he was leaving on a plane on Monday. His next destination was Islamabad. His laptop and other electronic devices have been taken, and they are now being examined.

Residents in Pakistan saw a court proceeding air on their television screens on Wednesday that showed an American being questioned. Investigators can question the man even further now. They will have four days to conduct an interrogation of the detained man. A U.S. representative feels that the agent made a mistake, and they hope that a release will happen quickly.

Since 2001, the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S. has not been the best, but Pakistan is a needed partner in the fight against Afghanistan. This new incident will only strain the relationship between the two countries further. Here is hoping for the safe return of this man.