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Favorite spots and activities in Venezuela

Sombrero Island
Sombrero Island
Photo by (Vanessa Gutierrez) on Flickr

Venezuela a place with beautiful people and awesome places to visit, this is just a little taste of this beautiful country.

360 and Crepes & Waffles: Restaurants and lounges are abundant in Caracas. 360 is a lounge where visitors can enjoy a variety of cocktails, gourmet pizzas and appetizers. 360 not only has wonderful furnishings where visitors can sit in hammocks and puffs it also has a two level rooftop where people can eat and appreciate a 360 view of Caracas. It’s recommended to have a reservation if traveling with a large party of people. Crepes & Waffles is a restaurant located on the Autopista level of the Sambil Mall, next to the movie theater, with a minimalistic decoration that is very fresh and simple. Waffles & Crepes has one of the best Soursop in town. There’s not a better place to get any type of crepe they have, vegetarians with meat, with cheese and they also serve them as dessert with some wet cream, ice cream and Nutella. It’s crazy how good the food is there. And no reservation is needed to enjoy this tasty stop.

The Avila Tram: Taking in the sights as you rise above the clouds on the tram ride up the mountain it is easy to have your breath taken away as you look out over Caracas. Once you arrive at the summit you enter beautiful stone walkways and come upon various kiosks and shops where you can enjoy wines and delicacies which are traditional in Venezuela. Up the stone path which looks out above the clouds, and on a clear day out onto a small village, visitors will find themselves looking upon the old Humboldt Hotel. Not active since the 1950’s, the Humboldt still holds an imposing image sitting at the top of the mountain pass. There are numerous vendors to get something to eat, as well as two full restaurants. All that is left at the end of your visit is to enjoy your decent on a peaceful and visually stunning tram ride.

The island of Sombrero: Located in Falcon State may be hold the most tranquil and beautiful beaches of those off the coast of Tucacas. With velvet sand and crystal blue water it is easy to lose yourself to the peacefulness of this island. With vendors lapping the beach offering various food beverage and dessert selections you never have to leave your chair, or view. And if you hate lugging around chairs and umbrellas there are spaces which you can rent that have chairs and canopy to keep you shaded and comfortable.