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Favorite People's Choice Awards Styles

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello
Hugh Jackman and his People's Choice Award, Jan. 6th, 2010
Hugh Jackman and his People's Choice Award, Jan. 6th, 2010
AP Photo/Matt Sayles

The 36th Annual People’s Choice Awards kicked off this year’s ego stroking that is necessary for us to remember how important entertainment is in our lives. Cynical? Maybe…but I must admit, I do like to see the celebs shined up like new pennies. This year’s show had some standout favorites for me. Generally, I give professional advice on how to get your favorite celebrity looks, but this time, I think I’ll just gawk a little. They don’t usually look award show ready everyday anyway. Don’t worry; it’ll be back to business next week.

Hotness has a face and his name is Jackman. Hugh Jackman, that is. Good Lord. Moving on…

Adorable couple Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift rocked the red carpet together. Such cuteness…and they seem really sweet too. (Could go for a good scandal right about now, right?)

The “Glee” club had a couple of impressive turnouts with Lea Michele and Corey Monteith. And, can you get any cooler than the Queen Latifah? She looked fabulous. Diane Kruger and Mary J. Blige also got my much sought after nod approval.

I wish I could include Johnny Depp in the favorite looks of the evening. I know, I know, he would look terrific in an astronaut getup, but seriously, his ensemble didn’t win me over. It was fine for a day in the park with the kiddos but not necessarily for this forum. Yeah, I can’t believe I just said anything derogatory either, but I did.

So that’s that. We can wait with baited breath for the next red carpet event. All in all the evening was a success. No one ran on stage and snatched a microphone from a shaking teenage, no one lip locked an unsuspecting actress, and no one started in with their outlandish political views. Where’s the fun in that? Maybe next time…