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Favorite Nail Polishes

Summer is the ideal time to wear nail polish. It can make your toes look fancy when you wear your favorite sandals and it can help bring attention to your hands, when you are wearing your favorite rings and bracelets. Plus, nail polish can make a woman feel good. It can help brighten up your day and help bring color into one's life.

Sally Hansen is a brand of nail polish that everyone knows. It comes in a variety of styles. The HD style has vibrant colors. It also has staying power. It has been known to last for a full five days. That proves that the nail polish is a great one!
Linda M. McCloud

What makes a nail polish one's favorite? First, it has to be in a color one likes. This can be a classic color such as basic shade of red or pink. The nail polish should have staying power, too. It shouldn't peel off the very first day you put it on your nails. Preferably it should last three days or up to five or more.

Some women will also add cost as a deciding factor when purchasing their nail polish. The reason cost is an issue is that nail polish is a type of makeup product that one usually wants in several shades. This means that a woman usually cannot afford to pay too much for one bottle at a time. Every woman who likes nail polish will eventually end up with at least three to five shades of it and that could be per season. For this reason, cost is something that has to be a deciding factor when purchasing.

Being easily accessible may also be a factor to consider when considering if a brand is a favorite. Can it be purchased at your local department store or does it have to be online or through a catalog? The fastest one can get their hands on the newest color or their favorite color when they have used the last drop of their last bottle, the happier that customer is.

This writer prefers to buy her nail polishes at her local department stores or drug stores. She also prefers to alter the shades she wears according to her taste and the season. As for the brands she wears, she has a few top favorites. One can learn more about these in the current attached slide show.

What are some of this writer's favorite favorites nail polishes? Check out the attached slideshow for information on her favorites.

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