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Favorite dog blogs (and a cat blog), part 2

Zelda the greyhound keeps updated by reading dog blogs (and perhaps an occasional cat blog)!
Zelda the greyhound keeps updated by reading dog blogs (and perhaps an occasional cat blog)!

If you're a dog- or cat-lover, you probably know of at least a few "dog blogs" or "cat blogs." Those are blogs that are generally written by--ahem--dogs or cats. (Or perhaps they're really written by people who love their dogs or cats.)

In any case, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of these dog and cat blogs.

If you'd like to start by checking out some high-quality, creative, and even funny blogs, here are some of the Dayton Pets Examiner's favorites:

  • Reflections of a Dog Mom is a blog written by a local Dayton photographer, Allison Laura. The photos on her blog are very nice.
  • Truth About Pet Food is extremely informative about dog and cat nutrition (food and treats). It's not, strictly speaking, a blog; it's a newsletter that gets emailed to you. Nevertheless, it is the best food and treat review site that the Dayton Pets Examiner has ever found. Unlike other pet food review sites, which nearly always base their reviews just on what's printed on the bag, Truth About Pet Food goes much deeper. Sue Thixton, the site author, researches ingredient sources, identifies red-flag ingredients, and discusses other quality issues and concerns. Subscribing to the newsletter is free; there is a small charge for a subscription to the food review part of the website. The quality and depth of information is well worth the subscription fee.
  • Bedlam Farm Journal is published by Jon Katz, an accomplished and widely published author. He writes about and photographs his dogs often; he also writes about many personal introspective topics, such as fear, faith, creativity, and even Zen photography. This is a very literary and beautifully photographed blog.
  • Dog Art Today is a mostly visual site that reviews all forms of dog-related art, from painting to sculpture to literature. Dog Art Today introduced me to Doghouse Diaries. Okay, that's not actually a dog blog, being neither a blog nor even dog-related, but it is hilarious!
  • The Days of Johann, an Agility Dog, is a highly informative resource about all things agility, as well as reviews of new dog products (with lots of emphasis on toys for the thinking dog).
  • Daisy and Bob's Blog is the world's only dog blog that's written by a pit bull. Bob is a charming, polite, and informative correspondent who strongly promotes dog welfare and supports important causes, such as 2 Dogs 2000 Miles.
  • 2 Dogs 2000 Miles recounts the ongoing adventures of a man named Luke who is dedicated to fighting canine cancer and is walking 2,000 miles with his two dogs in order to raise awareness and raise money for the cause. He calls it "friend-raising," and this adventurous trio is nearing the end of their trek, being now just 300 miles from their destination, Boston. To read the exciting news about what happens when their journey ends, see 2 Million Dogs.
  • New Cat City is the musings and photography of Avram, a man who's never had pets and who is allergic to cats. It tells of his cats, Arthur and Beowulf, from his first search for two kittens, and is loaded with photos. This blog is noteworthy for its humor, sincerity, and occasional angst.
  • PawPrintsLife covers topics that focus mainly on pet photography and pet nutrition, with some forays into other areas as well. This blog is written by Rebecca Forrest, the Dayton Pets Examiner. For more articles that have to do with pet photography in particular, see Forrest's articles on the Paw Prints Life photography website.

If you like these or other dog or cat blogs, please enter a comment below. And be sure to subscribe to this Examiner page to stay updated about Dayton area pet events and topics!


  • Allison Walton 5 years ago

    Thanks for the blog love! I really enjoy writing about my 2 boys, Gus and Waldo, and the adventures that we all have together!

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