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Favorite board games from the '50s and '60s

What board games did you play?
What board games did you play?

Ah, the '50s and '60s! Who remembers all those board games we used to play? My twin sister Teresa and I used to sit around with our friends during the blistering months of summer, getting lost in many board games. Some only took an hour. Others could go on for days…

Who played Monopoly?
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Here are some of my favorites:

Monopoly: This was a great way to pass the time as we dabbled in a grammar school version of capitalism. Everyone tried to score property on Boardwalk and Park Place. The railroad properties were always a winner, but going to jail was such a drag unless you got lucky with those Chance and Community Chest cards. Remember winning a beauty pageant and getting $10?

A few of my neighbors and I played recently, and that competitive spirit was as crisp as it was in grammar school. I think I usually chose the Toto dog or the racecar, but sometimes I was stuck being the iron. I’m not big on domestic chores.

Candyland: We were all hooked on sugar during the '50s and '60s so what better way to extend our fix than by playing a game devoted to sweets? We probably developed cavities just by playing that game. I’ll bet Candyland was invented by a dentist.

Concentration: I wasn’t very good at this game, because I had a very short attention span. What more can I say?

Parcheesi: I seem to remember this being a primitive version of Backgammon, a game I still enjoy today. A roll of the dice and then strategy took over. Remember when your opponent landed on your pawn-shaped piece and you had to start over?

Chinese Checkers: I loved playing with those colorful round balls until our dog stepped on the game and all the orbs went flying across the living room. Checkers was easier.

Battleship: This was one of my favorite mindless games. Remember trying to bomb all those boats, and the dismal sound of your opponent replying “Miss!”

Chutes and Ladders: Climb those ladders if you’re lucky. Otherwise, you’ll have a dismal ride down the slide and have to try again. It was truly The Myth of Sisyphus.

Clue: Who did it in the blue room with the lead pipe?

Ah, those board games…. so many memories. What were some of your favorites?

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