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Faux Gary Gygax Facebook account mocks creator's legacy

Gary Gygax

It's not uncommon for pop culture personalities to inspire a legion of faux accounts on social media, harkening back to Daniel Lyons as Fake Steve Jobs in 2006. So perhaps it's not surprising that Gary Gygax, the late co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has an impostor on Facebook. In a clear violation of Facebook's guidelines, the account is a bile-fueled series of execrable posts with the express purpose of besmirching Gygax's legacy. Here's what you can do about it:

UPDATE (2/7/14): Gary Gygax's son, Luke Gygax, reported that the account was removed:

Thanks to everyone that reported that very foul and uncouth fb page run by some hoddypeak who was impersonating my Dad. It took several hundred reports, networking with people that know people at fb and a nastygram from a lawyer. But finally facebook took it down. So thank you all for your help with that odiferous task.

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