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Faulconer takes next step on SD Works with city unions

Union action on the Mayor's SD Works initiative is coming.
Union action on the Mayor's SD Works initiative is coming.
Office of the Mayor; Adam Benjamin (background layout edit)

Relief from budget limits on city work now rest inthe hands of the city's labor unions. The leaders of the six unions, today, Tuesday August 5th, with Mayor Kevin Faulconer, told San Diego they agreed to use their own ideas to save the city money on doing the government's work in the city.

The union workers who participate in the Mayor's San Diego Works initiative will earn incentive awards for saving taxpayer money, and, improving service to San Diegans.

“San Diegans deserve a government that works for them. This initiative brings City employees together to come up with ideas that will result in more of our tax dollars spent on improving our communities,” Faulconer said today.

Labor union leaders welcomed the unions' opportunity to become the people who create the solutions to unproductive bureaucracy. An opportunity to experiment with new labor ideas, and, get results for San Diego's taxpayers. San Diego Works is an innovative way to engage employees and work together with them to provide excellent service to San Diego residents,” said the MEA's Michael Zucchet.

All employees in the city's six unions have been encouraged to participate. Faulconer asked the employees to help make the City of San Diego a government that works for taxpayers. Union members are on their own initiative in the Municipal Employees Association, AFSCME Local 127, the Teamsters local, and the Deputy City Attorney Association. And, the San DIego Police Officers Association and the Firefighters local union.

New streetlights and new blacktop on roads will show up if employee's proposals ave enough money to invest in the neighborhood work. The Mayor also made improvements to public safety a priority.

“Our police officers are constantly striving to find new ways to improve their ability to keep our public safe, and it's reassuring to know that their efforts will now receive additional rewards, said Brian Marvel, President of the San Diego Police Officers Association. The nitiative will solidify plans to build a culture of innovation from working together, he said.

Employee teams will earn awards at a percentage of the money their ideas save the City of San Diego. Ten percent. Up to 10,000 dollars. There is a Top Award for the idea that saves the city the most money.

The more employees save the government the more they are rewarded.

Fifty dollar awards will go to employees who improve customer service without saving the city money.

Mayor Faulconer plans on rewarding employees contributing creative proposals who do not belong to a union with recognition. No money awards.

“This is a different way of doing business at City Hall. We can accomplish so much more when we work together to harness the power of good ideas for the benefit of San Diegans."

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