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Faulconer making One San Diego plans

Faulconer starts work at City Hall. 202 C Street downtown.
Faulconer starts work at City Hall. 202 C Street downtown.
Adam Benjamin

Work setting up the new Mayor's One San Diego plan started today. Steps Kevin Faulconer takes, during the mayoral transition, to plan the revival of nieghborhoods across the city will get done with an advisory team on call.

The team of business leaders and community leaders will help Faulconer undertake development work during the recovery that is model development. In neighborhoods both north and south of the I-8.

"Implementing my vision for San Diego now begins and it starts with bringing people together, Faulconer said this morning. "I'm proud to work with this diverse group of San Diegans who will help lead our city forward."

Among Faulconers team ranks are two proven development supporters. Tony Young, former councilman from District 4, who worked together with business leaders to overcome obstacles to development in SOutheast San Diego. Young now heads a San Diego office at the American Red Cross. Steve Cushman, the board vice-chair at the San Diego COnvention Center, leads recovery business revival efforts. Both urban leaders will act as co-chairs on the mayor's transition team.

Joining inn on the work are Faith Bauttista, Sam Bedwell, and Sharon Cloward. Representatives from the San DIego Chamber of Commerce and BIOCOM also today joined the team. Father Joe Carroll, a familiar collaborator with Faulconer on helping locals vulnerable to homelessness, took a position to work on the One San Diego undertaking. A labor representative from the city's municipal employees associaiton will work alongside the business and community leaders.

The new mayor will be countin gon the team's expertise to plan the citywide neighborhood opportunity building.

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