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Faulconer looks ahead to better San Diego neighborhood life

San Diego CityTV
San Diego CityTV
Mayor Faulconer travels to San Diego neighborhoods during his first video message.

Opportunity to live a good San Diego life in San Ysidro neighborhoods comes soon, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said in his first video message to locals, on his One San Diego budget. Better roads, and full police teams, belong in the south San Diego neighborhoods, just like Rancho Bernardo in the north, and will get the funding.

Faulconer takes San DIegans across town, starting at City Hall, to get video message viewers' attention on his citywide plan for the city to treat all neighborhoods alike. A plan he calls neighorhood fairness.

Talking about putting the money the city saved from pension reform and managed competition into work on improving the quality of life. All over San Diego. His infographics, graphs, tables and charts, tell the rest of the story. The things locals need near home. and, the money that will pay for them.

Revenues have started to increase steadily. The Mayor's funding guarantees are ont he rise.

Get ready for more neighborhood services. Library hours grow longer. All over the city. And, funding after school programs funds work on making family's lives easier.

The video message that went on air on Monday, the 23rd, begins regular Mayor sessions telling the public, on video, the city facts, and stories, they need to hear. Video messages will put the Mayor's face behind a message on locals' screens.

San Diegans do not have to meet the Mayor to see him talk about revitalizing the city's neighborhood infrastructure.

This is a Center Line Policy Alert.