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Fatty Foods Not So Bad

When White House Chef Yosses quit this week, it was amidst a burning question over health care and nutrition that the Obama administration wants to keep tucked in its own oven mitt. Yosses was hired by the George W.Bush White House in 2007. Yosses stayed on during the height of the Oprah Winfrey Show Dr. Oz Whole Foods publicity machine. Winfrey is an unabashed personal shopper at Whole Foods. Whole Foods, by its own admission last week in Evanston, needs to find out why its marketing people will not accept trade publications in its store shelves. That answer is yet to come.

The truth is, Winfrey's empire began through Dennis Swanson, an ABC-TV insider based in Chicago at a time when it was becoming kosher to pump up minority hires. Winfrey was completely unknown to Chicago then, and Swanson's power pulled her up from a small-market broadcasting gig reporting in the Deep South. Winfrey was never born in Chicago and was a transplated Yuppie from the 60's generation. The 60's generation as a whole is known for protecting the drug culture that engaged smoking marijuana for recreation, not health.

Michelle Obama's fitness initiative and efforts to get on the holistic bandwagon is a blatant advertisement in ignorance. While it is true scientifically that a natural approach to eating is health, and that most religious texts revere that approach, it is also true that some foods, like butter and cream, and even bacon lard have stood the test of time as healthy and necessary to health and balance. Women who became housewives during the flapper era of the roaring 20's regularly kept bacon lard on hand not only as cost-efficient, but because it kept their families sharp. Even medical science, including Dr. Oz, now agrees that healthy fats keep the brain sharp and fit, and muscles and joints working properly. The better question is, in what amounts do we eat these things, and why aren't religious beliefs and differences accounted for in the Obama White House Affordable Health Care Act?

Whole Foods, the natural foods grocery chain, has been trying to keep a monopoly on its place in the holistic health trend since it's beginnings.

So has GNC. GNC in Skokie and Niles, Illinois, in the late 90's had strict corporate-based policies about how it could market products. And with good reason. If the company employees marketed a product without the disclaimer that they were not physicians, they could get locked up and sent to prison. Suffice to say this happened already to Kevin Trudeau, within the last year.

GNC had friends all over Capitol Hill in the last two decades trying to overturn unfair and strict policies that blocked innocent people from ancient cultures and religious practices from using herbs and spices without physician approval.

Prevention magazine for more than a decade has devoted its marketing efforts to protecting the Almighty Butter and Cream, with good reason. Their doctors have found through extensive research that there is a huge difference between fats and just any fats. The message from Prevention constantly protects the idea that all people are the same to a point. In other words, the individual genetic differences are real based on ancestral origins, and evolutionary adaptation. Prevention doctors pay close attention to these individual differences, while taking into account that everybody has some degree of atomic similarity.

Which brings the discussion back to the real issue, which brought about the real problems facing Obama today. Is he ignoring the lessons of the Bush White House? Bush's White House was the last of the World War II generation, the generation Tom Brokaw calls "The Greatest Generation."

Last night one survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, a Jewish man, a humble editor once at the Washington Post who appeared at the Highland Park library to tell the truth about his life experiences. He was the editor of the Post overseeing Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate coverage. His appearance said it all about what is really happening in health care in the White House. Plain and simple, it's okay to eat cream and butter. Those Depression era kids who went on to be Army and Air Corps men fighting to stop the Nazis would have been happy to have butter and bread on the table in moderation to stay alive when Mengele wanted everyone to be taking Haldol instead.

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