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Fathers Day family fun with creative movement and drums

Father's Day quiet time

A short and fun activity that can be done as part of a Father's Day family celebration is making simple drums and moving to the rhythms that are created. Begin this activity by going on a scavenger hunt in the house to find items that can be used as drums and drum sticks (such as: oatmeal container, coffee can with lid, wastebasket, cardboard box, pots and pans, wooden spoons, etc.). Have everyone gather in a circle with their drums/sticks and take turns playing and creating movements to the different rhythms of the drums. After a practice session with the drums, the group can divide into the drummers and the movers. The movers could move on each beat the drummers drum or for the duration of many beats. The movers could move like dancers, animals, or form a parade while the drummers play. Now have the drummers and movers switch roles.

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