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Fathers' Day begins with submission to the ultimate Father

The best model for a man to follow in being a father begins with submission to the ultimate Father of the Bible.

The best model for the honoring of fathers on Fathers’ Day is clearly articulated in God’s plan being followed which maximizes performance for the family and society.

Our society has removed the significant of God the Father with the same disdain of removing the significance of the family father with devastating consequences. Psychologists and sociologists have reams of documentation which substantiates the poor performance overall of the family when the father is missing. Our society does just as badly.

Love and submission to God alone is the glue that holds the entire process together regarding righteousness and the benefits of obedience. A God fearing and submissive earthly father still is the best model for the overall behavioral health for the family, but it all begins with submission to God.

A father is suppose to protect and provide for the family in the best demonstration of establishing security for the family. The father is expected to provide the spiritual lead in the proper development for the relationships of the family. It is all a symphony of submission by the father showing reverence to The Father.

The father submits to the mother, the mother submits to the father, and the children submit to the parents. It is a learned behavior in the optimum environment that is the best for the development of the family.

When the mother and children see a father willing to sacrifice and die for the protection of the family, a powerful dynamic is released.

As society rejects God’s best plan for sustaining ourselves, the performance level takes a nose dive in every category that measures the performance of the father, mother, and children. The father’s life expectancy is negatively impacted, the mother does not do as well, but the impact on the children is detrimental to every behavioral and financial measuring stick there is. Sons and daughters from a missing father clearly do not do as well.

It is tragic enough that the father is removed by unplanned or unforeseen circumstances, but our society today are churning out children that purposely have the father missing from the family unit. Add to the fact that many families have eliminated religious training from the equation, and you have a double negative impact on the behavioral impact to children.

Submission itself does not play very well in the media drivers that promote a “look at me” unhealthy attitude. Humility is missing, submission is missing, but most of all the love/submit dynamic one learns that best holds the family together has been counterfeited with self-absorbed egotistical me first passions.

It has become too personally inconvenient to submit to anything. Then there is a puzzlement regarding the lack of performance our children demonstrate in school. Only being committed to oneself is a guarantee that the relationship with God, family, and social structure will erode.

One of the crushing results to abortion is the failure to submit and sacrifice for the unborn baby. “It is my body and I will decide what to do about it” is the best solution a female selfishly portrays. God is left out, the “father is left out”, and the new life inside has become an inconvenience. Abortion is a total tear down of the plan God has regarding love and submission concerning development of the potential family. Abortion truly is a microcosm of what is wrong with society.

Discarding the Father is the first error. Discarding the father is the second error. Performance is handicapped when these two factors are removed from the picture.

On this Fathers’ Day there will be millions going to church to recognize the importance of having the Father as the best model for the family and society. Fathers’ Day for family is still a revered moment where mothers, sons, and daughters acknowledge the role of the father in their lives.

Fathers’ Day clearly begins with God, and is maintained by the critical role of our fathers.

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