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Fathers Can Impact Learning And Attachment Prenatally

One of the greatest myths about childhood development is where a dad can make a difference. While many theories exist, the truth is right from conception. Dad's can provide comfort to mom and baby by massaging mom during the prenatal development cycle. In fact research has concluded that fathers can impact all of the senses. Consider the following fact: "Prenates can see, hear, feel, remember, taste, and think before birth," says Luminare-Rosen, founder and co-director of The Center for Creative Parenting in Marin and Sonoma counties, Calif."

Can a dad impact the love of reading before birth? Absolutely. It all starts around 18 months when the prenatal child develops auditory abilities. A dad can give 15 minutes of reading before birth in the last three months of pregnancy. The baby’s cognitive and auditory system have developed enough to hear and recognize sounds. Attachment and bonding to a fathers voice can also be a benefit of this time.

The amazing science of learning truly provides factual evidence that dads can make a difference from the start of conception.

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