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Fathers and Daughters

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Lemonade Ladies Poetry by Kathryn Chestnut

Kathryn is the CEO and founder of OK Embroidery Center. She had lived internationally, and is a proud Lemonade Lady.

Her poem reflects what all little girls want from their father, but often do not receive. Little girls who do not get to have a loving relationship with their fathers will suffer more depression in life. Studies have shown that the relationship between a mother and her daughter do not seem to affect the emotional well being of a girl or woman as much as her relationship with her father does. How a father treats his daughter and shows her affection can have a lasting impact on her relationships with other men. Emotionally absent, but physically present fathers can weigh as heavy on a child's heart, maybe even more so, than a deceased or physically absent father. In essence a father who deprives his daughter of positive attention is leaving her malnourished.

To My Father……….


Loving you was the best life offered me

I wanted your approval so bad I couldn't see

when I needed you most, feeling so lost

you came to me as only a ghost

I trusted you so things I'd never do

I gladly did them all for you

But nothing I did ever got me respect

maybe I was wanting more than I could expect

Finally I see, the man you really are

and how it was my mistake to let my heart drift so far

now I know how frightened you were of being small

it made you take from those who allowed you to take all

it's not you're fault I trusted you, and now I see it's true

you don't get hurt by those you don't , you get hurt by those you do