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Fatherhood Involvement Early On Can Reduce Poverty

Why all the emphasis on educational outcomes regarding Fatherhood Involvement? Evidence has shown that two parent families will give a child an advantage economically over single parent families. Fatherhood involvement improves the economic advantages for children. Marriage overall has the greatest impact on economic advantage:

What is the impact regarding non-traditional families? About 50 percent of our population is not married raising children. The results for non-traditional families are worse. However having both parents involved lowers the risk of poverty. Children growing up in a single parent home are more likely to have disadvantages. A single-parent family has fewer financial resources to devote to children's upbringing and education. Single parents have less time and energy to meet the needs of children. Increased fatherhood involvement can reduce the risk of poverty.

Considering 1/3 of non-traditional families have non-custodial arrangements for children for males, the data is not complete. If fatherhood involvement increased nationally, the poverty rates most likely would decline for 2 parent families.

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