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Father teacher baseball bat: Teacher texts daughter, father hits him with bat

A father hit a teacher battle with a baseball bat after he found the 42-year-old was texting his 15-year-old daughter. Huffington Post reports June 8 that the girl's mother calls the texts "inappropriate for a teacher and a student " to be exchanging.

Investigators haven't charged the father with a crime for hitting the teacher with a ball bat because the educator had arrived at their house to see the girl. When he refused to leave the home, the father smacked the teacher with a baseball bat. The unidentified teacher suffered minor injuries.

The incident happened in Nottingham, Maryland around 9:45 p.m., Thursday. No charges have been charged against the dad and the teacher hasn't filed charges. Authorities have turned the case over to the Crimes Against Children Unit. No names in this event have been revealed.

Many parents can relate to a mess like this. Any father would want to hit a teacher with a baseball bat if he was exchanging inappropriate texts with his daughter.

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