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Father teacher baseball bat: Teacher refuses to leave 15-year-old’s home

A father hit a teacher with a baseball bat when the teacher did not only send inappropriate texts to the father’s 15-year-old daughter but also had the audacity to show up at the girl’s home. The baseball bat altercation between the father and the teacher ensued when the teacher refused to leave the girl’s home. Apparently, that is when the father got so angry that he saw no other way but to use violence, reported the Atlanta Daily World on June 8.

“The father must have saw [seen] red because he grabbed the nearest destructive instrument, a baseball bat, and used it to persuade the teacher to leave, striking the teacher and causing minor injuries.”

Early Thursday morning, the 15-year-old girl’s mother had alerted police after she discovered several dozens inappropriate text messages sent to her daughter by her 42-year-old Perry Hall High School teacher. After reading the text messages, police determined that the texts described an inappropriate relationship between the daughter and the teacher. According to the above video, police described it specifically as an "inappropriate emotional relationship."

Just a few hours later, around 9:45 p.m., the police had to return to the 4600-block of Vicky Road in Nottingham, Baltimore County, after they had received a disturbance call. When officers arrived, the father told them that the teacher showed up at their home without permission, and that he demanded to talk with them.

The father struck the teacher with the baseball bat when he refused to leave. According to The Baltimore Sun, the teacher sustained minor injuries but said he does not wish to pursue charges. However, The Crimes Against Children Unit is investigating the case. While the identity of the teacher, the family, and the content of the text messages is not being revealed by authorities, the fact that the teacher sent several dozens of text messages to the 15-year-old and then refused to leave her home after the father asked him to do so is sufficient grounds for an investigation. The girl’s father does have the option of filing a trespassing charge against the teacher and applying for a protective order. Whether or not the teacher deserved to be hit with a baseball bat by the father – that is a different question

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