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Father, teacher baseball bat: Man wallops teacher for 'pursuing' his teen girl

A father beat a teacher with a baseball bat this week after the father learned the teacher was pursuing his daughter, which included texting the teen girl “emotional text messages” late at night and even showing up on their family doorstep. The angry man walloped the male teacher hard enough that he required medical attention in what is now a pop culture trend hitting a home run across national news this month. Eagle Rising and the Daily Caller offer some new details that have emerged in the shocking event this Tuesday, June 10, 2014, and how one dad took an inappropriate teacher’s punishment into his very own hands.

Father hits teacher with a baseball bat after he texts teen girl
Creative Commons, Flickr Images

Police are still looking into this seemingly sports related bit of vigilante justice, but the father, teacher baseball bat incident came about when one dad from Maryland learned that his 15-year-old daughter’s teacher was texting her late at night. It has not been confirmed whether these text messages were sexual in nature, but law enforcement officials did deem them to be “inappropriate” and too “emotional” for a normal teacher-student relationship, particularly involving a teen girl.

When the 42-year-old dad learned of this illicit bond and the pursuing teacher arrived on his doorstep — very literally, as the man came to the family’s house in order to talk with his daughter at approximately 9:45 a.m. — the father walloped him hard with a baseball bat. The "victim" wasn't beaten too badly it seems, though he did suffer minor injuries, said the press release.

Michronicle Online also tells this week that the parents first learned of their 15-year-old girl talking past 3 a.m. with her teacher after taking her cell phone. Apparently, a number of inappropriate texts were being sent between the student and her teacher. Eventually, the high school instructor made an appearance on their front porch, asking to speak with the teen, and that’s when the father grabbed his bat in a fury.

Officials confirmed that the texts revealed “an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student.” The next morning, following the attack, police interviewed both parties. The high school teacher has since been told not to have additional contact with the student — he will be arrested if he shows up at the house again — but will not be pressing any criminal charges against the father for walloping him with a baseball bat. (Perhaps it was well-deserved?) Nonetheless, the family of the 15-year-old girl has been encouraged by state officials to file a restraining order against the teacher based on his history of interest and pursuing the minor.

Unfortunately, this strange case isn’t the only pop culture surprise featuring teachers that’s made news this week. A teacher from the Los Angeles area was recently arrested on suspicion of kidnapping three of his students. While investigators are still examining the incident, it appears that the male high school instructor was drunk and brandished a knife in front of his students, ordering them to drive him to a local Jack in the Box restaurant for a nighttime bite to eat.

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