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Father-teacher baseball bat incident: 'Inappropriate' texts prompt confrontation

A father/teacher baseball bat incident led to police involvement, though it seems no charges will likely be filed. Things got ugly when a mother and father found a series of texts between their 15-year-old daughter and her 42-year-old teacher. News Net 5 shared the details.

Father/teacher baseball incident happened over texts
Photo via Slickspot

The father, teacher and baseball bat incident happened in Perry Hill, Md. It seems that the girl's mother alerted the police to the texts, and they read through dozens that indicated “an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate.” However, the authorities determined that the teacher had not committed any crimes. The case was referred to the Crimes Against Children Unit for additional investigation.

Shortly after that, the teacher went to the family's home and wanted to speak to the student's father. The father told the teacher to leave, but the teacher wouldn't. That is when the father/teacher baseball bat incident took place. The father struck the teacher, who is said to have received minor injuries. The teacher chose not to press charges.

At this point, none of the names of the parties involved have been released, nor have details regarding the texts been revealed. The teacher has been barred from visiting the home again. The father could file trespassing charges, and the teacher could file assault charges, but at this point nothing further has been done as a result of the father/teacher baseball bat incident.

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