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Father, teacher baseball bat attack: HS teacher was texting 15-year-old

A father went after a teacher with a baseball bat after finding some inappropriate texts from the teacher on his teen daughter's cell phone. The attack is now making national news, and the father is being called a hero for the action by some. The Huffington Post reported on the texts and the attack by the father in this case on June 8. This case is out of Maryland.

Teacher and teen from Perry Hall High School had an 'emotional relationship'
Perry Hall High School Official Facebook

Last week, the parents of a teen girl found dozens of texts between their 15-year-old daughter and her teacher. They felt that the texts were "inappropriate" for a conversation between a student and her teacher. The parents took the texts to Baltimore police, and the authorities reviewed the texts. After their review, no arrest was made. Elise Armacost, a spokesperson for the Baltimore Police, said the following, according to News Max: "There’s nothing we’ve seen in the contents that’s criminal." It was revealed that the texts showed an "emotional relationship" between the teacher and the teenager.

Following the police action, the teacher went to the home of the teenager. He wanted to talk to the girl's father, and this is where things got violent. The father had no interest in talking to the teacher, and he asked the man to leave the home. After the teacher refused to leave, the father proceeded to hit the teacher repeatedly with a baseball bat. The teacher sustained minor injuries during the attack.

The police arrived on scene shortly after the attack, and the teacher did not want to press charges. He could have filed charges against the father for second degree assault. The police didn't file any charges against the father for the attack either. The Baltimore police are still investigating the texts at this time. The Crimes Against Children Unit is in charge of the investigation. The Baltimore police have decided not to reveal the names of the teenager or her parents. The identity of the teacher has not been revealed either. It is just known that he is 42-years-old.

Texting by teenagers is a source of more and more problems. Texting not only opens the door for sexual predators to contact teens, but texting by teenagers is also causing problems for them behind the wheel as well. One recent crash in Tennessee is being attributed to a teenager that was texting while driving. John Sneed, a body shop owner, said the following about texting and driving, according to WRCB: "Texting and driving and people not paying attention. It only takes a seconds seems like we have had many more cars come in that have re-end impacts compared to last year."

One app released by AT&T is trying to help parents prevent their teens from texting and driving. When it comes to their teenagers, parents need to take an active role when they have a cell phone for their use. In this Maryland case, the parents found the texts on their daughter's cell phone. Parents need to keep an eye on their child's cell phone usage. They need to talk to their children about what is appropriate use of the device, and rules do need to be set. With more kids having cell phones these days, the dangers are only increasing.

What do you think? Does your child have a cell phone? What do you think of the father's actions in this case? Share your thoughts below.

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