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Father, teacher baseball bat: 42 y/o teacher hit with bat, suffers injuries

A father hit a teacher with a baseball bat after learning that the 42-year-old male teacher sent his teen daughter "inappropriate" text messages. The 15-year-old girl was reportedly texting her teacher back and forth when her mother found out about the messages. Upon reading them, she felt that they weren't appropriate and told the girl's father. According to Huffington Post, the family went to the police with the messages, but investigators didn't feel that any lines had been crossed -- at least not enough to arrest the teacher.

Soon after, the teacher decided to go over to the student's house, perhaps to talk to her parents and explain himself. The girl's father asked the teacher to leave. When the teacher refused, the father grabbed a baseball bat, went outside, and started swinging.

The father - teacher baseball bat incident left the teacher with minor injuries. Police arrived at the family's Nottingham, Maryland, home just before 10 p.m., but the girl's father was not taken into custody. The teacher has decided not to press any charges. The Crimes Against Children Unit is investigating the case so there is still a chance that the Perry Hall High School teacher will face charges.

Authorities have decided not to release the names of the parents or the student, likely to protect them. According to The Baltimore Sun, the police said the text messages "described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student." The content of said messages is unknown.

Should the father who hit the teacher with a baseball bat be charged in the case? Do you think the teacher should lose his job? More details on this story should become available when the investigation is complete.

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