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Father slams teacher with baseball bat: Teacher 43, texting dad's daughter, 15

The father who hit the teacher with a baseball bat after discovering this teacher's text messages at 3 a.m. to his 15-year-old daughter has got the online world's attention today. The mother of the girl had gone the police station in the wee hours of the morning after discovering the text messages between the 43-year-old male teacher and their daughter, according to NewsMax on June 9.

A father hit a teacher with a baseball bat after finding the teacher was texting his 15-year-old daughter.
Wikimedia Commons

The teen's mother had become aware of the "hundreds of texts" and immediately sought help from the police. Baltimore Police described the text message as documenting an "emotional relationship" that "seemed inappropriate" between a teacher and a student, but the man didn't break the law. Law enforcement's hands were tied as far as arresting the teacher with no laws broken, reports Raw Story today.

The teen's mother came into the police station at about 3 a.m. after finding the teacher had just texted her daughter again. Police did look over the numerous messages that went back and forth between the teacher and this girl, which had apparently been going on for quite some time. While they decided that the communication wasn't against the law, they did however take it a step further and report the incident to the Crimes Against Children Unit.

Baltimore County Police spokesperson Elise Armacost said; "There's nothing we've seen in the contents that's criminal." This story is making headline news around the country and while the teacher's name or the student's name has not been released, social networks are buzzing over who this teacher is today. Many are siding with the father and giving him two thumbs up for taking a stand, like the tweet below.

Cristina Robinson ‏@Ask_Cristina said:

"This father gets my "Dad of the year award". Too many Dads today are a bunch of wusses. This Dad restore my faith..."

Christina Robinson's tweet pretty much sums up what people are saying about this incident today. Here you have parents who are trying to watch out for their child and they are left with no legal recourse. How could this teacher possibly justify texting this teen "hundreds of times" and especially at 3 in the morning?

Later on that day the teacher brazenly showed up at this family's home saying he "wanted to talk" to the father. The father asked the teacher to leave and when he wouldn't the father whacked him with a baseball bat. The police were called once again to the home, this time about the disturbance between the father and the teacher. The teacher opted not to press charges and left.

The police warned the teacher if he showed up at the house again, he would be arrested. This Perry Hill High School teacher's text messages were depicting an "emotional relationship" with the girl and while not a crime in the eyes of the law, it still is a bit creepy from a parent's prospective.

In an earlier Examiner article, which is seen in the section "Suggested by the Author" below, people sided with the father in the majority of the comments. Some were more passionate about this teacher getting shown the error of his ways with a baseball bat than others, but most understood the father's fury.

Jen O writes: "I'm not for violence but if an adult man is texting a student it is wrong. I don't care what the text says. It implies a personal relationship and that is completely inappropriate. The teacher should face disciplinary action from the principle."

PeterPat writes: "The teacher has no business in any type of personal relationship with a student, period. The father didn't hit him hard enough."

ede writes: "what he did was inappropriate, period. teacher should be avoiding even the APPEARANCE of impropriety. and then not to leave the home when told to? right."

The three comments above were some of the less graphic, as some people were really angered over this incident and described in detail what should have been done to the teacher. It is not known what was said in the text messages, but just sending text messages to a student is inappropriate if it is not a message having something to do with the student's school work. Even school work text messages shouldn't be sent at three in the morning.

Some of the comments suggested that child predators may first form a friendship with a child as a way of grooming them for a relationship down the line. While this is not necessarily the case with this teacher, there just doesn't seem to be an appropriate reason for this teacher to be texting a 15-year-old girl on a continuous basis.

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