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Father's day when you're gay

s Sunday, June 15, 2014, will commemorate Father's Day. Father's Day is, of course, a day to honor dad.

Father's Day can he traced back to 1910 when the governor of the state of Washington first proclaimed it. It was in 1972, 58 years after Mother's Day was introduced, that it became an official national holiday (

Traditionally, in mist families in which there is a mother and a father and one or more kids, this is a day when dad gets his turn to relax and enjoy while the family does things for him or gives him his space. And this is about a month after mom is honored during Mother's Day.

But as they say, the times they are a-changing. Last week Los Angeles hosted its annual gay pride parade in West Hollywood. This was to acknowledge the TLGBT (Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite) community who are gaining the right to marry each other.

This year, for the first time ever, Hallmark has released a Father's Day card for gay fathers (

With gay couples becoming more mainstream, then, it seemes there will be more and more resources to help them fit into society. A recent poll (MSNBC, Weekends with Alex Witt, 6/14/14) stated the 55% of the country now accepts gay marriage. Nevertheless, gay fathers may still feel left out and unaccepted by society at large.

A gay couple in Austin, Texas, has created a website to help gay men with children fit in and enjoy the holiday. ( After all, why shouldn't a gay couple of fathers with children celebrate Father's Day too?

Their website,, helps gay fathers adjust to the typical situations that heterosexual fathers face. It also offers emotional support.

Also of interest these days are families in which there is no father. Steven Paltrow, who is a journalist whi focuses on TLGBT families accomodating to mainstream society, addresses the issue in his blog (

He says that some schools and venues are substituting "Parents Day". Since there are many families that don't fit into the traditional nuclear scenario, they are making other suggestions as well. Children in a family of two moms (lesbians) or even being raised by a single mom can address cards or celebrate with a male family.member such as an uncle with whom they're close or a close male family friend.

Whatever the case, happy Father's Day to everyone no matter what your circumstance. Acknowledge it in whatever way suits your particular life style

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