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Father’s Day: Should we appreciate Dads more?

As many may notice, Father’s Day is more like ghost town on social media and even in the physical world- restaurants, retail stores, poolsides and more. People spend less on dads than moms would even tolerate on Mother’s Day for Father’s Day.

What does it take to be a good father?
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Fathers deserve more appreciation because honestly fathers matter. The connection children have with their fathers are crucial to how children connect and interact with the world.

A family structure that lacks a father or good male role models suffers. For example, young women that lack a father figure in their lives are more likely to interact with abusive or neglectful men when it comes to romance. As for young men without a father figure, they have to learn from their own experiences (trial and error) to successfully enter manhood. Not all young men truly find a way to successfully enter manhood because of the lack of mentorship from a father figure.

Fathers are important because they teach young girls and boys the perseverance and resilience that are needed to survive a harsh world.

Children need to know they are loved by their fathers. They want to aspire to be like their daddies - responsible, respectable, and strong.

To the dads: Be a man your children are proud to model. Treat people well. Show love. Respect their mothers.

To the moms: Don’t bash the fathers of your children. Show love. Be humble. Allow the fathers to be physically present in the lives of the children, whether you are romantically involved with their fathers or not. Dads are important.

Children that have loving parents experience an overall increase in well-being and happiness throughout their lifetimes. Do your best to give your children that loving environment.

To all the wonderful parents out there, thank you. You are appreciated. You are vital to the lives of your children.

To share your appreciation and remarks on Fatherhood, leave a message on Fromgirltogirl’s Facebook page. Tell us how your dad supports and inspires you to fulfill your life goals.

Without my dad, I would have never received a quality education. Without my dad, I wouldn’t have the means to commute to work - a 45 minute drive one-way. Without my dad, I wouldn’t know what a real man is supposed to be. Thank you dad for everything.

Please read the article How Dads Improve Their Kids’ Lives, According to Science by Eleanor Barkhorn for more information.

Happy Father’s Day!

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