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Father's Day - Not Just Once a Year

Happy Father's Day!

Today is father's day, a day to honor the fathers in our lives. Since earthly fathers are a visual example of our Heavenly Father, it is good that such men receive recognition on a special day every year in June. However, I think that every day should be Father's Day for Christians. Unfortunately, that's far from reality. Many Christians don't really seem to concern themselves with the Father. I think we need to learn from the example of Jesus. Everything he said or did was what the Father taught him. Can we truly worship Jesus and ignore His Father? I don't think so.

I never spent much time thinking about the doctrine of the Trinity before. I just grew up accepting that the godhead was made up of three persons. I know there are some people who reject the trinity. The concept is a bit mind boggling. How can Jesus be a son, yet have always existed? By the very definition of the father/son relationship, one brings the other into existence. And so Jesus can't be a son in the way we humans view children—if he truly is without beginning or end. I can't resolve that mystery for you, but let me say that Jesus himself gave us the example we need on how to live.

Here is an excerpt from my book Will the Real Christianity Please Stand Up

Jesus told us that we were to pray in a certain fashion. First of all he gave us the Lord’s prayer as an example. Secondly, he said to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. I learned this concept from the Mormons and am careful to always pray in this fashion.

Catholics praying to the saints or Mary evokes cries of heresy from the Protestant world. Is it any more Biblical to pray to Jesus himself when he taught us to pray to the Father? It strikes me so odd when people begin their prayer with “Dear Jesus” and then terminate the prayer – “in the name of Jesus” or even odder, “in your name.”

When Jesus was on Earth, he always deferred to the Father. It seems like that situation continues to exist in Heaven. Jesus is our advocate before the Father and will present an argument in our defense – if we have made a stand publicly in the defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However he clearly tells us to pray to His father.

I believe you should take some time today to honor your earthly father, if he is still alive. And take special pains to honor your Heavenly Father. And if you are not one of His children, I strongly suggest you find out how to get adopted.

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