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Father’s day inspiration

The writer's last big brother, Big Brother Big Sisters program
Grand Island News Web page

This father’s day week, the writer decided to reflect upon a person that has inspired him in more ways than one. You could say that this person was like a father to the writer. This person the writer is referring to in no longer around, this man passed away in the mid nineties from post war injuries. Now before the writer goes any further it’s important to understand a little history of the writer’s life. The writer’s parents were divorced when he was young and at times had trouble maintaining a relationship with his dad. The writer’s mom decided that a mentor could help the writer better succeed in his life, so she enrolled him in the Big Brothers and Big Sister program. That’s when a big brother named Martin Prast stepped into the writer’s life. Martin Prast came in the writer’s life when he was a teenager.

Now when the writer was first told about Martin Prast, he was curious, not sure how this big brother would be able help him in his life. But all those concerns were erased after many meetings and outings with this unique person. Martin had a big impact on the writer’s life in more ways than one. The first positive impact that Martin had on the writer’s life was to accept your fate and make the most of the abilities you have. To better understand this point, when Martin came into the writer’s life he was a disabled Vietnam veteran, he was paralyzed from the waist down. He got injured disabling anti-personal mines in the Vietnam War. Martin Prast never let his injuries affect his determination and he always pushed for success. He was a council man and he was once elected to supervisor of the town he lived in. He also was involved in many different organizations, please view the links below. The second positive impact Martin had on the writer’s life was to always try and have a good disposition with a smile. This helped Martin build his social network and reach out to others that might normally have pushed him away. Thirdly Martin Prast helped the writer to be less judgmental and become a more compassionate person. It should be no surprise that the writer once worked in the health care field for many years with adults that had various disabilities. These days the writer is trying to overcome many relatively small obstacles in his life and every time he feels deflated, he remembers his last Big Brother Martin Prast and the many big obstacles he faced as a disabled war veteran. But as the saying goes when life hands you lemons, make lemonade and push forward. For sure the writer’s life was enriched for having met such a great man and dad named Martin Prast. For more information please contact the writer through

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