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Father's Day idea for adult children still living at home

Father’s Day brings special memories of dad teaching his son to catch fish and his daughter to dance. According to the new mentality I’ve been reading online the only thing dad wants on Father’s Day is not to be within ear shot of his offspring.

The Wall Street Journal’s Zach Valenti may be onto something since there are many 18-31 year old children still boarding at home with their parents. He gives ‘Father’s Day Advice to Freeloaders’ to stock the fridge and surrender the remotes. His advice is simple; put dad first before oneself on dads day.

That’s right, get up early, make dear ole dad's coffee and wait for him to get his shower first before getting your own. Then do the unimaginable make his breakfast, mow the lawn, take out the trash and go to the grocery and buy his favorite booze.

Then strain yourself and spring for the food today, buying his favorite steaks and all the fixin’s and, if dad will let you fire up the barbecue grill, treat pops to your grilling talents. When all is said and done, clean up then disappear somewhere else for the night and let him have the remote and mom for the rest of the evening.

This by far is the best day dad could receive and he might not mind you loafing around getting by on minimum wage and minimum house chores for another year...maybe.

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