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Father’s Day Gift Ideas From SEAH Designs

Celebrate the important love in your life this Father’s Day by purchasing a 46mm stainless steel SEAH watch. Uniquely designed for men, this interchangeable watch is known as the only kind in the world that replaces the numbers by the Greek ZODIAC signs. Fit for perfection, users can add a personalized touch to this intimate accessory while rotating the sun icon to hover over the individual’s specific astrological sign.

For only $695, buyers can choose between various designs on the Swiss-made product. One of the designs that buyers can choose from include a Gold-plated and stainless steel bracelet with a blue Hirsch leather strap. Two other options include a three-links stainless steel bracelet with a black Hirsch leather strap with red stitches to highlight the red second’s hand or a leather strap with white stitches to accentuate the white face of the watch.

Founder and Jerusalem native Rachel Levy created these unique watches to connect nature with one’s soul. While representing the 12 astrological signs, SEAH watches also showcase a round case to be reminiscent of the globe, a bezel engraved with the infinite waves of the ocean, and each hour marker to represent a star in the galaxy. The center of the watch contains a rotating sun and hands to indicate the sun’s rays, with both creating a warm and inviting vibe. Located at the top of the dial is the specific ZODIAC sign to express the individual’s personal traits.

These unique and high-end designs have made SEAH watches a hot commodity among the entertainment world. Many celebrities have been known to wear and endorse the product including singers Kelly Rowland and Agness Carlsson along with Fashion and Shoe Designer Angela Simmons.

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