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Father's Day gift guide No. 3: Carhartt

Shirts and shorts and pants, by Carhartt
Shirts and shorts and pants, by Carhartt
Kenneth Fish

It would be pure negligence to have a Father’s Day gift guide series without including a little something from Carhartt. Carhartt clothing has been a personal favorite for a long time, and will likely remain so for years to come. Simply stated, they have always made some of the best, most useful, most comfortable clothing out there, and that is not likely to change any time soon.
Force Mandan Shirt
Carhartt is branching out and exploring the potential advantages and versatility of lighter weight, high-tech garments. This is most evident in their Force line of shirts, shorts, pants and jackets, and is exemplified by the Mandan Shirt. The Force Mandan Shirt is cut from a flyweight 3-ounce ripstop material that is 72% cotton and 28% nylon which, once donned, almost feels like going shirtless. The subtly incorporated front and rear mesh-lined vent panels bolster this effect and help keep you comfortable when the temperature rises. In addition to the light weight and breezy comfort of the Force Mandan Shirt, the ripstop material is easy to live with. Since this shirt arrived, it has not required any ironing, and thanks to Carhartt’s Stain Breaker technology, all food-related mishaps have washed clean away. Kudos to Carhartt for designing a shirt for the real, sometimes hot and dirty, world.
Tappen Cargo Short and Pant
The Tappen Cargo Short and Pant are cut from a relatively lightweight 7-ounce 100% cotton ripstop material which strikes a perfect balance between protection, comfort, and durability. Both the pant and the short are covered in pockets of varying utility, some of which I’ve yet to fill, but since I’m the kind of guy who always carries, at the very least, a pocket knife, pen, Field Notes notebook, mobile phone, and wallet, the likelihood of me reaching maximum capacity is not out of the question. The question is, how would I keep my pants up if I had 12 pounds of stuff in the pockets?
While my pants (or shorts) are up, they are made comfortable by being designed to ride a little below the waist, and since Carhartt knows who they are making their gear for, they have a relaxed seat and thigh. They’ve also incorporated a subtle gusset in the crotch for ease of movement and less pinching and binding when crouching, bending, or climbing. This is one of those features you don’t really notice until a exceptionally awkward pose has been struck and all important body parts live to tell the tale.

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