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Father's Day gift guide No. 2: Wearable Tech

Gadgets on the go.Misfit Shine $99.99
Gadgets on the go.Misfit Shine $99.99
Kenneth Fish

Wearable technology has been all the rage in the first half of 2014 and it looks like it’ll continue through right to the end and more than likely beyond. Two gadgets in particular caught my eye and landed on my wrist this year. The information they shared with me has helped keep me on track with my various weight loss and fitness goals and both are pretty amazing at providing feedback about sleep patterns.

Mistfit Shine

The Shine is a subtle, but constant, reminder that we need to do more with our day and that more is activity. They day’s activities are monitored by a highly sensitive triple axis accelerometer, quantified by a sophisticated proprietary algorithm developed by Misfit’s computational biomechanics, and converted into information the Shine user can use through the app interface. Whether or not the Shine is dead-on accurate, my non-bioengineer brain cannot tell, but it is certainly in the ballpark whether it is tracking sleep, steps taken, distance covered, or calories burned and all of this information is very helpful when it comes to achieving certain weight loss and fitness goals. Welcome to the 21st century.

Basis Carbon Steel Edition

The Basis Carbon Steel Edition is packed with myriad sensors that feed data to a set of web- and mobile phone-based applications that present the data to the end user in a way that makes sense. Additionally, both of the applications gently coach the user to set and achieve activity and sleep goals by sending out periodic, and generally timely, reminders to “Get your habits going today,” as well as little electronic high-fives to congratulate the user on achieving those goals. On paper, at least, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition is an amazing piece of health management hardware. It is certainly comprehensive in its data collection, but it is far from perfect, though not very.