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Father's Day gift guide No. 1

Long Sleeve Button Down $85
Long Sleeve Button Down $85
Kenneth Fish

Since January, the opportunity to test a number of really cool things means a rich diversity of recommendations when it comes to gift guide time. The time is now to find that special something for that ever-loving Daddy of yours, Father’s Day is just 6 days away. Check out what I found in the archive.

Criquet Button Downs

In much the same way that Criquet has rescued the polo shirt from generic ubiquity and transformed it into something special, something you actually have a jones for and really want to wear, their approach to styling a button down “dress” shirt has produced something equally as desirable. The differences between the Criquet Button Down shirt and all the others out there are admittedly subtle, but it’s the little differences that make them exceptional. In just a few short years, Criquet Shirts have gone from an idea shared between two friends to finding their niche.

The Criquet Button Downs, like their polos, have a somewhat vintage air about them, with a hand more like a soft cotton flour sack (believe me, it’s a compliment), than a high thread count broadcloth. This lack of sheen and visible texture give the the shirt a more laissez faire look while still coming across as a dress shirt. Whether it’s the work week or the weekend, the Criquet Button Down will look right at home.

The City Slipper from mohinders

The City Slipper, unless you happen to be from India, is more than likely unlike any shoe you have ever owned. Firstly, there’s the material - it is heirloom-tanned leather from water buffalo and West Bengal cattle using a process that is Chromium-free. Secondly, these shoes are hand-made by a micro-credit funded cooperative based in a region where generations of craftspeople have been making leather shoes for the last 800 years. Thirdly, the City Slipper is a slip-on “go-ahead” shoe. Though walking backwards isn’t exactly impossible, it isn’t exactly easy, either.

The City Slipper looks and feels hand-crafted. Though well-made, not a single piece of this shoe looks like anything digital was involved in making it. The pressed leather sole is sufficiently stiff yet begins to conform to the foot almost as soon as it is worn. The upper, a woven leather affair, is tightly and beautifully assembled. The finished product is as handsome as it is unique (especially when compared to just about any other shoe you may own).

Edgevale North Coast Shirt Jacket

After a month, the crush I had on the Edgevale North Coast Shirt Jacket is over. It has now been replaced by love. The four way stretch and supple ruggedness of the Dintex Second Skin liner is a thing of magic. The poly/wool/acrylic blend of the knit facing looks and feels like something Sir Douglas Mawson would wear for one of his Antarctic explorations. On the inside, the 100% polyester fleece adds a layer of modernity to this innovative and versatile classic. Beyond the features that make the North Coast Shirt Jacket from Edgevale an innovative, highly effective way to keep warm, there’s a number of features that help make it special, too. The grosgrain taped seams and placket are a great way to add reinforcement to a garment without adding weight or bulk, and the bright, contrasting ribbon adds an unexpected and eye-catching pop of color. The pockets of this manly shirt are big and useful, and the somewhat larger than average bevel-edged buttons make them easy to fasten even if you are wearing gloves.

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