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Father's Day game parties for dads and kids

Both dads and kids will love a game party.  Be sure to get plenty of game tokens!
Both dads and kids will love a game party. Be sure to get plenty of game tokens!
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Challenge dad to a little competition this Father’s Day! After you beat him, he can drown his sorrows in a cherry Icee!

Game parties are great because:

  • Games keep everyone busy!
  • Kids (and dads!) love some friendly competition and prizes!
  • No mess & clean up at your house!
  • Lots of FUN!

** These party places also work well for kids birthday parties or team parties! **

Invite dad, family or guests to join you for a day of games:

  • Write each part of the invitation on a ticket (raffle ticket rolls available at Party City)
  • Attach invitation to a bag of tokens
  • Blow up a balloon, slide a rolled up invitation and confetti inside, and then tie the balloon. Guests will have to pop the balloon to get the invitation out!


  • Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of games. Have guests try to complete each game on the list at least once.
  • Treasure Hunt: Give guests clues to find treats and prizes around the game area.
  • Contests: Award prizes for the highest scores, lowest scores, most tickets, least tickets, most tickets on won on one game or highest average score on a set of games.

A great place for family fun since 1936.

  • Start the adventure by taking the ferry to the Balboa Peninsula from Balboa Island (with your car or as pedestrians…you can meet guests at the playground right by the Ferry launch)
  • Ride the ferris wheel, carousel or bumper cars.
  • Play skeeball and the other games at the arcade.
  • Eat lunch or dinner at Ruby’s on the Pier
  • Finally, treat Dad to a world-famous Balboa Bar (ice cream bar on a stick covered in chocolate and your favorite topping) for dessert! 
  • Be sure to stop by the photo booth for a souvenir photo strip!

in Orange County
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Take a road trip to:

Or, have the fun come to you….


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