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Father's Day gadgets and tech items for the sports-minded dad

The weather has been perfect just about all over the country as we head into the hot summer months.

Do you have a sports-minded dad? Any of these great items would make a great Father's Day gift. The Prince Tour 95 racquet.
Photo Courtesy of Prince
A college-themed Keurig might be just what dad wants for Father's Day
Photo Courtesy of Keurig

Chances are, dear old dad has been outside playing golf, softball, tennis or any number of sports. While dad may no longer be an athlete competing like his did in high school or college he still deserves some modern technology and high tech gadgets to enhance his enjoyment of sports and outdoors activities from a playing and spectating point of view.

Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons

Has dad been coming home after that round of golf with a frustrated look on his face? Chances are it's his iron play. He may not be getting the loft or distance off the club like he had in the past. The top-rated irons have a huge sweet spot a ultra-pocket cavity that gives a golfer consistency and forgiveness. What more can a golfer, or dad ask for in his bag?

The JPX-EZ irons come at a great price point and Mizuno is currently offering free shipping on orders over $75 at

HP ENVY Rove 20 Computer

It's a desktop computer with touch screen capabilities. It's an ultra-big tablet. No matter how you look at it, it's perfect for the dad that likes watching sports or following sports scores and updates on his computer screen.

With the HP ENVY Rove you get:
- A unique hinged stand that lets you tilt the 20-inch HD diagonal touchscreen or lay it flat like a tablet.
- An Intel® Core™ i3 processor
- Windows 8 operating system
- Touchscreen that is responsive
- Wireless keyboard and mouse

The ENVY Rove 20 weighs about 12 pounds and gets good battery life. It also looks good on your desk or table. This will suffice for dad's reading and viewing habits. He might even be able to get some work done in his down time.

Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor

The Zepp 3D motion sensor attaches to any bat, club, or racket by a Zepp sports mount.

It then gives you baseball, golf, or tennis data that a player has never been able to see before. It happens as the sensor wirelessly transmits the data to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The feedback is instant.

For tennis players, there is new 3D serve analysis.

The new app keeps track of important serve metrics like racket speed, ball speed potential, spin, back swing time and impact time.
This is not only great information for the professional or elite player, but also solid data for the recreational or club player. if dad loves statistics, he will love the Zepp sensor and the new and improved app. Also available at Best Buy stores.

Tom Watson: Lessons of a Lifetime II DVD

A 2014 update to the popular Lesson of a lifetime DVD. It's one of the best selling golf instruction DVDs of all time and now you and dad can learn from one of the game's best in Tom Watson. A bargain and a great gift at $50.

Keurig "Mini" in your School's Colors

What could be better than a cool Keurig Mini? Not much for coffee, tea and iced beverage drinkers, unless it was a Keurig in your college's colors and has an official logo. Hey you Georgia Bulldogs and Ole Miss Rebels fans, you are among the dozen or so schools you can order for dad right now. More schools to come. Check out the special offers. All at

Bracketron Tri Caddy Flex

Attaches to just about any surface to hold or mount a smartphone or other mobile devices. It features a 1/4" standard camera thread and flexible tripod arms that can hook on to anything. It gives you versatility and allows you to set up angles no other mounting device will allow.

Perfect for recording a golf swing, a tennis match, or even you son's at bat in a Little League game.

The mount can be used with a smartphone or camera and it's available at for $19.95.

Kyocera Hydro Vibe

The newest waterproof phone from Kyocera. An Android smartphone that can be completely submerged in up to one meter (3.28 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

A 4.5 inch screen and a 8 megapixel camera will come in handy.

“Kyocera is at the forefront of waterproof technology for mobile devices, proving that extra protection from life's accidents doesn't mean a smartphone has to be expensive and bulky," said Eric Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of global sales and marketing at Kyocera Communications Inc. "Hydro Vibe builds on the success of the original Kyocera Hydro and more than 40 Kyocera waterproof devices launched worldwide. It's a great gift idea for Mom or Dad or for anyone who wants some added protection from the elements during spring showers or summer fun."

The Hydro Vibe features a thin bezel and Kyocera's award-winning Smart Sonic Receiver audio technology.

The Kyocera Hydro Vibe came available, Tuesday, May 27, on for $149.99. It is also available for Sprint customers.

iFrogz Tadpole

An ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Attaches to a keychain or fits in your pocket, and it's easy to take with you when you have to head out. Available at and a steal for $19.99.

Prince Tour 95 Tennis Racquet

New for 2014, the Tour 95 replaces the EX03 Rebel 95 in the Prince lineup. A racquet that offers power and control and it isn't hard on your arm. It's the stick that the Bryan Brothers use as they approach 100 career titles on the ATP World Tour. A well constructed racquet that will last for years to some. Get all the information at

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

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