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Father's Day Brunch on the Queen Mary: Celebrating the Commodore's father

A delicious Father's Day Brunch will be held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach
A delicious Father's Day Brunch will be held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach
Courtesy of the Queen Mary

Sunday, June 15 is the day to honor our Dads with something special and the Queen Mary in Long Beach has put together a special Father's Day Brunch to start the day right. This morning, the Examiner spoke with Commodore Everette Hoard, the Commodore of the Queen Mary. The Commodore talked about his father, his life and the Queen Mary.

The Commodore of the Queen Mary, Everette Hoard
Edward Simon

“My dad was drafted into in the Army during World War 2”, the Commodore said. “After World War 2 he got out of the Army and went into the Navy in 1949 and did four years in the Navy. He ended up really loving ships and by the time I was three, he would have me sit in his lap and he'd draw pictures of ships, often times a battleship and other times a picture of the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth”.

Commodore Everette continued, “In those days, we had the encyclopedia salesmen coming around. We bought a set of the World Book encyclopedias and it had a photograph of a little boy floating a toy ship with the Queen Elizabeth passing down a waterway which I now know is the Solent in England, just outside of Southampton wharf. He told me, 'son, that's the Queen Elizabeth and that's the Queen Mary and those are the finest ships in the world'”.

The Commodore added, “I was a very visual kid and when I was young, my father worked for the post office. He'd write away to Cunard and get all sorts of deck plans and posters; anything he could find about the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth for me to look at. By the time I was six, the local librarian in the small town in Alabama where I was raised got a book for me on the Queen Mary”.

He continued, “It was the 'Queen Mary' by Neil Potter and Jack Frost. It was really some pretty hard reading, but it had a lot of pictures in it! Finally, I had checked it out so many times and had so many overdue fees on it that she gave it to me for my eighth birthday. So really, my love for the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth was nurtured by my pop”.

The Commodore further explained how his father knew how much he loved the Queen Mary and in 1981 moved the family from Alabama to Long Beach. The Commodore said, “We were still living in the El Capitan Motel in Long Beach when I started working in the toy and hobby store on the Queen Mary. That started my association with the Queen Mary and it really changed my whole life”.

The Queen Mary's Fathers Day Champagne Brunch starts off with a made-to-order omelet bar, free flowing champagne and traditional breakfast fare such as pancakes, Eggs Benedict and homemade hash. Live music throughout brunch will ensure that dad has a smile on his face all day. On the International side of the buffet, Asian style ribs and Hot n' Sour Soup add a kick to the day. If your Dad is in a Southwest mood, Albondigas Soup and carne asada tacos will be just the thing.

On the traditional side of things, a salad station will be providing made to order Cobb Salad, imported Tuna Niçoise and a variety of domestic and imported cheeses. Finally, guests can enjoy the Queen Mary's signature carving station, offering carved to order prime rib with au jus and leg of lamb with mint jus. All in all, over 50 dishes and desserts from around the world will be there with the free flowing champagne to tantalize your father. The Grand Salon, the Queen Mary's elegant dining room will be a great place to be for Father's Day.

If your father's tastes lean to something different, the Observation Bar, with its panoramic view of the harbor and the Long Beach skyline, will be a great place to take dad for a Bloody Mary. For a real treat for dad, get him a glass of the Queen Mary's own Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select or the Mount Gay Rum Black Barrel Rum. Both of these premium beverages were blended exclusively for the Queen Mary and represent the best these distilleries have to offer.

According to the Commodore, “None of this would have happened to me if it hadn't been for my dad and his insight. He gave up 30 years of his life at the Post Office so we could move here and start our lives again. In 1982, I met Captain Treasure Jones, the Captain of the Queen Mary and I became friends with him. In 2009, because of my association with the Captain, I was appointed the honorary Commodore of the Queen Mary”.

The Commodore finished his remarks by saying, “None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for my dad”. Come Fathers Day, the Commodore and his wife will again be celebrating Father's Day with his dad, still living in Long Beach and eighty-seven years old now.

Dinner on Fathers Day will be a special treat for dads at the Chelsea Chowderhouse or Sir Winston's. No matter where you eat though, a tour of the Queen Mary, the 'Cold War Warrior' Scorpion Submarine or the Queen Mary Ghost Tour will be just the thing to let your dad know how special he is. Since 1936, the Queen Mary has been a favorite place for fathers of all generations and it certainly will be for your father too.

Queen Mary Father's Day Brunch

Hours: 9AM – 3PM

Price: $59.95 per adult, $19.95 for children 12 and under 

Parking: $7 with validation (up to 6 hours) and includes valet parking.

Reservations: Strongly recommended - call 562-499-1606 or click here to make a reservation now.


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