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Father punches man at convenience store for ogling his daughter

Man who assaulted another man for eyeing his daughter
Man who assaulted another man for eyeing his daughter
Upper Darby Police Department

It's the new "chivalrous" version of the knockout game. The assailant in this rendition is not some punk kid. His attack is not intended as a prank and is not captured by his compatriots for posterity. There is a visual record of the man, whose identity police are attempting to ascertain.

New York's Daily News has the lowdown:

Police [in suburban Philadelphia] are searching for an overprotective father who assaulted a man for looking at his daughter.

The Upper Darby Police Department ... has released a picture of the man and his daughter who were in a Wawa convenience store Sunday when police said the man did not approve of how another male was looking at his child.

The suspect (who could use a bra himself) punched the ogler in the face. He and his curvaceous daughter then turned and exited, but not before a security camera captured their likenesses.

According to, the unidentified 47-year-old victim was ordering a sandwich when the indignant dad approached him, accused him of eyeing his daughter, and cold-cocked him. The victim, who is believed to have suffered a concussion, was taken to Delaware County Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told reporters:

If somebody's looking at your daughter, why don't you confront him instead of punching him? This guy's not an overprotective father ... That's just his excuse for thumping the guy.

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