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Father pulls son's ear off for fun, little boy cries in horror

A father pulls his son's ear off in an attempt to be funny, but the best part of this silly prank is the toddler's priceless reaction. Jesse Fulcher posted the video of his son crying when he believed his ear was really missing and the funny video quickly went viral on YouTube.

Father pulls son's ear off in funny video
Jesse Fulcher YouTube Screenshot

Of course, Fulcher didn't really pull his son's ear off. It was an age-old game of "I gotcha" that fools little ones into thinking their ear is really missing. Parents often have fun pretending to gobble up a child's ears, nose or even fingers, only to miraculously put them back on.

Fulcher's adorable son took it seriously when his father snatched up his ear. At first, the little boy agreed when his father asked, "Can I take your ear off real quick?" Once he was convinced that his ear was really gone, he broke out into tears and asked his Dad to put it back.

"You want me to put it back on? You want your ear back on? Here, I'll put it back on real quick. There it is!"

In the saddest little kid voice ever, Fulcher's son told his father, "Never again. Never again" while his mother giggled in the background.

The little boy became a bit confused when his mother asked him if he wanted his father to pull his ear off again, quickly going from "Yeah!" to "Noooo!" when he realized he didn't want to lose his ear again.

Fulcher offered his son an option, telling him he could pull his nose off instead. The cute little boy responded, "Yeah!" but soon regretted his decision. When the father pretended to pull his son's nose off, he got the same teary-eyed reaction from the toddler because he thought his father's thumb was his missing nose.

Both Mom and Dad chuckled, but quickly realized that the missing body parts game was more entertaining for them than it was for their son.

"I'll put it back. I'll put it back. Hold still." Fulcher told his weeping son. The little boy's mother consoled him and said cheerily, "Your nose is back! Let me see! Oh, it looks good"

Watch as the father pulls his son's ear off ... and his nose ... in the very cute video above. This may just be the funniest thing you'll watch all day.

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